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Are you currently interested in seeking out mouth jewelry, such as a lip and tongue ring? If so, are you aware of the potential oral health hazards that mouth jewelry can cause? If you’re unaware, mouth jewelry can lead to several oral health risks by simply being in your mouth. They can also cause some wear and tear to your teeth and soft tissues after prolonged use. For a list of issues associated with mouth jewelry, we invite you to review the points below:

  • Mouth jewelry typically consists of hard pieces that can break off and become choking hazards. They can also swing around inside the mouth, and chip and crack your teeth.
  • Tongue rings can easily cause nerve damage or burst a blood vessel if they are placed incorrectly.
  • Mouth jewelry has been known to lead to serious infections, including hepatitis and endocarditis.
  • Mouth jewelry can lead to a downturn in your oral health because it’s difficult to clean your mouth daily when lip and tongue rings are in place. Wearing mouth jewelry can often make your cleaning habits less effective as well.
  • Mouth jewelry can lead to various forms of damage, including oral inflammation and potential gum tissue laceration.
  • Some individuals have been known to be allergic to the materials used for mouth jewelry.

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