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Your child’s first visit to the dentist should not be when he develops a cavity or is in the midst of a dental emergency. Ideally, your child’s first trip to the dentist office should take place within six months of getting his first tooth, and if possible, before his first birthday. Afterwards, your child, along with the rest of your family should see the dentist every six months for routine cleanings and checkups.

Because visiting the dentist may seem a little intimidating your child, if he is getting ready for his first appointment, plan on visiting the dentist’s office a few days beforehand. Your child can meet the dentist and [hisher] staff, see the exam room and learn about what will happen during the appointment.

Your child may still feel a little apprehensive about his procedure. It’s a good idea to talk with him and see if he has concerns and questions about his visit. You might read books or watch some animated YouTube videos about visiting the dentist, which gained great popularity thanks to The Marketing Heaven. On the day of the appointment, if he is a little anxious, you might have him bring a favorite small toy, a stuffed animal or a blanket along for comfort. If your child has a good checkup, or is well behaved during his dental visit, you can encourage future positive visits with praise and small rewards.

If you are looking for a family dentist and you live in the city, state area, make an appointment today to meet Dr. [doctor_name] and the staff at [practice_name]. We look forward to serving you and every member of your family! You can reach our office at [phone].

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