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Is one of your teeth damaged or is discolored? Are you trying to find a way to fix it that may be more affordable than some of the other options? We are pleased to offer our patients dental bonding, which is so named because the material actually bonds to the tooth, to help restore their smile’s health and aesthetic appeal.

Dental bonding uses a composite resin that can be shaped and polished to match your smile. Many patients might select this therapy because of its cosmetic benefits. The resin can be used to cover blemishes, alter a tooth’s shape, or even to close small gaps in your teeth.

To match your smile, our [dr_type], Drs. [doctor_name] and Lily Patil, can use

a guide to help them select a shade of resin. One of our [dr_type] may then roughen the surface of the tooth slightly and apply a light coating of a liquid that can help the resin material bond to your tooth better. Then the resin can be applied, shaped, smoothed and hardened with either a light or a laser.

To find out more information about dental bonding in [city], [state], or to schedule a consultation at [practice_name], you can call [phone]. We would love to help improve your dental health in any way we can.

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