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When people consider their health and fitness they typically ponder nutritional elements combined with the amount and type of physical activity they are getting. Thinking about their teeth usually does not enter into the equation, but ignoring dental health is an oversight with egregious drawbacks for general health.

The condition called Bruxism is better known as clenching or grinding of the teeth, and it should be given much more heed than it gets because it impacts overall wellness in many ways. It can be the explanation for sleeplessness, headaches, sore muscles and damaged teeth, to name just a few.

Analysis of why people grind/clench their teeth reveals multiple psychological and physiological reasons, but the short list of accompanying factors are as follows: Sleeping disorders (apnea), talking while sleeping, and snoring make up the most common factors. Next, emotional stresses, frustration, anxiety and anger may be the cause for many others to grind/clench their teeth. Bite alignment problems are sometimes the culprit. Finally, there are the use of addictive substances and existence of medical disorders that might also have an impact.

To determine whether you may have bruxism, begin by taking note of your symptoms. Call attention to them at your next [dr_type] visit. [heshe] may find the answer in a simple change of your lifestyle habits, or be able to fix the problem with a custom-molded mouth guard.

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