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You may already be aware of the uses of dental crowns, and can probably list several of their benefits off the top of your head. But did you know that proper care of a dental crown can enable it to last for many decades, even up to a lifetime of use? We have provided some basic information on what dental crowns can offer and how their many uses can enhance your smile.

These hollow and tooth-shaped caps are designed to cover the whole of the tooth where it is visible above your gum line. If you have a badly stained tooth, we may be able to conceal it with a dental crown instead of performing a tooth extraction. Each dental crown placed at [practice_name] is custom designed for a unique smile to ensure our patients love their results.

Dental crowns often pair well with other dental treatments, especially root canal treatment or to support a large dental filling placed on a damaged tooth. The dental crown offers greater support for these treatments to enhance the success of the treatment and restore the appearance of the tooth. If you need to replace a missing tooth with a bridge or implants, a dental crown can finalize the procedure.

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