Child Dentistry

Children form a specific group of our patients, as they require a special approach and parents’ greatest assistance. With regard to dental hygiene, the active parents’ participation can hardly be overestimated. The help of the parents in teeth brushing is absolutely necessary.

Our main priority towards our small patients is to gain their confidence, which we consider to be a necessary condition and at the same time the desirable result of our work. Moreover, confidence and the absence of fear will help a child to keep the teeth strong and healthy for the whole life.

A habit of visiting to a dentist should be developed from early childhood. It is great if the only purpose of your first visit to dentist will be to get acquainted)). We usually conduct the first visit of our small patients in the form of a game and make a small excursion to the dentist clinic.

The friendly environment, caring staff, together with special gifts helps us to maintain a contact with our younger patients..

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